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Turning job hunting on its head with the most

advanced marketplace for job seekers


If you are a job seeker and you are looking for your next job, project, contract, or industrial course you will probably be trawling the internet sites and companies and as part of this you will be emailing, telephoning, and yes sending out your resume time and time again.

It is now time to change this process, don’t be the hunter, be the hunted. If you wanted something quickly you would go to the largest marketplace for that item. Well BHiveLive provides the same for job seeker.


Q. If you have just updated you resume and saved it on your computer, who can see it?

A. Just you right.


If you published your resume on BHivelive each time you updated It, everyone will be able to view all your most relevant information and make an informed and instant decision.


The BHivelive platform has what a job seeker needs all in one place. Starting with Companies looking for highly skilled, qualified, and available technicians. The platform will help you tap into a network of opportunities not only relatively close to home but also globally. You can also find and book the courses you require to maintain your qualifications you need to continue to be at the top of your industry.

BHivelive simply present the best and easiest way for employers to find talented job seekers presenting a true and up to date representation of themselves. This will become the most accurate, valuable, and LIVE resume platform you will ever need.

Our expertise in contract hiring covers a wide range of roles in industry, including:

Renewables, Oil and Gas, Engineering contractor, Composites, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Mining, Environmental, Chemical, Process, Project, and Production.


WHY BHiveLive – Lets break it down

BHiveLive versus Resume





Up to date


Just log in and add new information


Only on the day you send your resume out



Access and edit from anywhere on both desktop and phone


Open document, edit and then email to someone



To anyone in the world with internet access

Sort of:

Just the people you have sent it too



Again to anyone in the world with internet access

Sort of:

Only to the person you sent it too

Cost effective (financially)



Actually not being on BHivelive is costing you opportunities and money


If your resume is not up to date and visible you could be missing out on opportunities

Cost effective (Time)


Once you have a profile the time is spent with adding job history and qualification updates and accepting offers


Same updating of history and qualifications but who will know without you sending it to everyone again



Potentially everyone 4.6 b people have internet access


The people you sent it too


Clients have told us, in the past they would see a Job Vacancy, then send their resume and cover letter as requested. The result, more often than not, NOTHING. This process is out of date, time consuming, and demoralising.

What we have created is a marketplace were the job seeker can manage not only your LIVE resume but the training you do when and where but also your work commitments. This results in a quick and easy employer/freelancer relationship.


Now we know this sounds very different to what you are used to, and it will take some mental adjustment to make a change, but you are Smart and if it saves you time it saves you money as well. Place yourself in the shop window instead of in the storeroom. You’ve bought your groceries online, now dip into our online talent pool and put your services in front of the people that are looking for you.

What else can you do:

  • Offer other Titles – List all the Job Titles that you can fill.
  • Network – We have an inboard message system so you can network with people like yourself
  • Apply for Vacancies – Sometime a position isn’t filled. You can take the opportunity to apply 
  • Book your training - With all the best trainers and their courses listed. Find and book when and where you need them.
  • Be the voice – If you would like to see other features, tell us and we will add them to the review and development process


Contact us now for more information, a trial or membership

Signup HERE  -  Email the team