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A highly advanced marketplace to contract specialists

When trying to find the perfect candidate for an important project, staff cover or a spike in demand it can be very challenging. You will be under time pressure to fill the position, you will also require access to the most adaptable and efficient people that have the required industry experience, and qualifications.

The BHivelive platform has a vast amount of contract engineers, technicians, and everyone in between. The platform will help you tap into a huge talent pool of qualified contractors, enabling you to simply fill any urgent roles with the right person. BHivelive simply attracts and present talented freelancers when you need them making this the most viable and valuable support mechanism to your business.

We can help, whatever your business.

Our expertise in contract hiring covers a wide range of roles in industry, including:

Engineering Contractors – Composites, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Mining, Environmental, Chemical, Process, Project and Production.


Hiring contractors makes sense

Complete Flexibility ­– you hire as and when you require them.

Financial effectiveness – pay only for the hours the contractor works.

Options to add new skills – contractors bring specialist skills into your organisation as you need them.

Assess potentials for permanent positions – with the opportunity to assess contractors as potential permanent employees.

Limit administration & risk – all the administrative elements are taking care of for the placement Contractor management – because it wasn’t easy we did made it easy


Clients have told us, in the past they would find a freelancer and then have to speak to an agent to broker the deal. This often took too much time and cost money.

What we have created is a marketplace were the employer can identify a candidate with in minute and either hire them on the spot.


Now we know this sounds very different to what you are used to and it will take some mental adjustment to make a change, but you are Smart and if it saves you time it saves you money as well. You’ve bought your groceries online, now dip in to our online talent pool and do the same.

What else can you do:

  • Offer your company services - List the services you provide as a sale item for clients to review and purchase. 
  • Post job vacancies  - We know demand is outstretching supply so when you haven't found you right candidate post the vacant position on the platform. 
  • Book you staff training - With all the best trainers and their courses listed. Find and book when and where you need them.

Contact us now for more information, a trial or membership