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Information about BHiveLive


What we believe

As long as physical job advertisements are susceptible to the rules of the real world, HR teams will only be as productive as the people that keep them running. Efficient teams equal efficient adverts. Current adverts don’t work in difficult, speed related industry requirements.

It is not enough to monitor resume data as the world of HR suggests. You must also view and select them effectively. And to do that, you need to empower communications and knowledge capture among the individuals working in the office.

BHiveLive intelligently connects companies with critical workers: Empowering agile, connected workers enables industrial companies and service providers to achieve dramatically higher productivity and operating results.

We call this The Hive Effect.

It starts with improving the pain of recruiting.

The old way

Companies might eventually get the personnel with the knowledge and skills they need at some point. Applicants have to wait to see a job advert and read, then reply.  The bulk of advertisement sharing happens on infrequent, expensive job boards, agencies and word of mouth. Its luck that you get the right candidate because things are not built for enterprise and searchability supporting both the employer and potential employee.

The new way

Knowledge and information is accessible NOW, so companies can get it right the first time. Companies have instant access to the personnel they require and don’t have to advertise again. They have easy access to candidates that are skilled and available and to others that are willing to change jobs. BHiveLive is built to serve the purposes of HR and PM / O&M teams whilst at the same time looking out for the candidates.‍

What is BHiveLive?

BHiveLive connects and empowers candidates and companies through an intelligent modern app and AI.

The app is designed for the on the go employer and workforce. BHiveLive is an innovative, mobile communication application that allows operations and maintenance (O&M), HR teams in industrial and critical infrastructure settings – such as the wind industry – to securely communicate and employ the correct personnel for the right position.

BHiveLive enables teams to plan and execute the hiring process for emergency situations and forward yearly planning of teams.

BHiveLive is the tool of choice for agile, connected companies and workers even in the field.

Core values

Our values:

  • We obsess over the best possible user and customer experience.
  • We get it done and own the outcomes. 
  • We deliver through a hard working, intelligent and diverse team of people.
  • Racism, discrimination or lack of accepting people for who they are is wrong.
  • We pursue innovation and are passionate about leveraging technology to create a better world for all.
  • The outcome for our customers is better operational and financial performance.

                                                If you would like a tour please email