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Your #1 Renewables Marketplace connecting industry talent with job opportunities

BHiveLive offers a simple, effective solution that connects companies with industry professionals.

What is BHiveLive?


BHiveLive is the #1 Renewables Marketplace for industry Professionals. Connect directly to employers and training facilities.


BHiveLive is the #1 Renewables Marketplace bringing industry Professionals direct to you, that meet your criteria, when you need them.



BHiveLive is the #1 Renewables Marketplace connecting highly skilled professionals with the world's leading training facilities and companies that are required to maintain a high level of training.

What will BHiveLive do for me?


BHiveLive will collate all your business activities. Work will find you. Clients will contact you. If you've sent out a CV before then this will be the last one you ever need


BHiveLive will save you time and money. You set the criteria of your search, location, skills, etc and the algorithms do the rest, in an instant. A list of suitable candidates are delivered right in front of your eyes.


BHiveLive is like the sky, the biggest shop window which can be seen from anywhere in the world at any time. Contractors and Companies will be able to search for courses which meet their criteria

What will it cost?


There are a number of ways to say this... IT IS FREE. You pay NOTHING for a contractor membership. You can open an account without a penny to your name.


We have simplified our membership model and offer one price per user. No complex sliding scales or sales pitch with costly extras.


We also have applied a simple payment model to Training Company memberships. There are three options that mirror the number of courses you wish to promote. The top tier offering unlimited listings. You can open an account NOW.

BHivelive is HERE to support your projects

BHiveLive members are Highly Skilled, Qualified, and Certified in the following locations

Three stages of recruitment

Find who you need

60 seconds. That's all it takes to run a search. Turn hours into minutes with advanced filtering showing available contractors that meet your requirements instantly.

Connect directly

Take the conversation straight to the contractor. Know they are qualified to review your offer right away and ask any questions directly.

Sign-up HERE

Hire easily

Simplify hiring processes to turn contracts into a competitive advantage for your company. Hire 10s of contractors in minutes and save the best ones to use again in the future.

Who are BHiveLive members?

If you are not sure if you should create an account, here are a number of job titles that are on BHiveLive



Time to change how you balance your professional and private life

Your nearest Training Facility

Click to find out more information about the courses they offer

Feature Details

Filters, what you require

Make sure the Job Seeker listed in your search fit your chosen criteria, from experience to industry certifications - see everything.

Speedy rehires

Job Seekers you have hired before, hire them again in one click for your next project up to 12 months in advance. Reducing the number of messages back and forth.

Profile Builder Service

Let us take the hassle out of building a Professional profile

Choose this paid option to simplify your profile creation. Just complete the following:

1, complete the basic sign up page 2, include your resume 3, verify your email address 4, click the button to purchase this service 5, and we will do the rest

You will then receive notification in a couple of days of your membership and details to login

Make sure you stand out

You are one click away from putting yourself in the #1 Renewables Marketplace and the last you will ever need


Find your nearest office and speak to a local ambassador

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